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Author Guidelines

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The Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia publishes a broad range of papers covering topics in Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry,  Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacogenomics, Community and Clinical Pharmacy.Manuscripts and correspondence should be submitted through this site. To facilitate rapid publication and to minimize administrative costs, Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia prefers online submission. Files can be submitted as a batch, or one by one. The submission process can be interrupted at any time; when users return to the site, they can carry on where they left off.

Cover Letter and Signatures. All manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter.

The cover letter should address the following questions:

  • Why is this manuscript suitable for publication in Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia?
  • Why will your study inspire researchers or readers, and how will it improve public health or drive the understanding of disease forward?

Structure of cover letter:

  • The title of the paper

  • A brief description of the significance of the paper to the readers of the Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia

  • A statement confirming that the material is original, has not already been published, and has not and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere as long as it is under consideration by the Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia. Download Letter Statement not Plagiarism.

  • Names and signatures of all contributing authors accompanied by a statement indicating that they have participated in the study and concur with the submission and subsequent revisions of the manuscript. Electronic signatures and multiple copies of the letter to facilitate gathering of signatures are acceptable, but it is preferable to submit signatures in one batch

  • The corresponding author must sign and return the copyright form upon submission. Download Author Statement Letter.

Authorship. There is no limit to the number of authors that may be listed, but only those individuals who contributed substantially to the manuscript should be authors.

File Formats. The following word processor file formats are acceptable for the main manuscript document:

  • Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Rich text format (RTF)
  • Portable document format (PDF)

You can download a template (Mac and Windows compatible; Microsoft Word 98/2000) for your article.